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photo by Miguel A Leyva https://www.facebook.com/PhotobyLeyva

West palm beach, Florida USA

Undone Dream

It might take a little time, a long breath, maybe another cry, until I get the only one kiss. The ordinary world could conquer my day once again, more nights to calm my agitated heart,  until you are ready to share, to give more than you get. Prayers keep coming, more needs still need toContinue reading “Undone Dream”


Standing, but not on my feet, my arms are air roots around me. The pursued silence is here, nature’s song grows strong. The hypnotic river drags my attention, What sweet trip! Birds with their divine language displace all  the noises, Sunset steals my eyes, I let them go happily.  The ochre colors dye the lightContinue reading “Silence”

The Woman Crying II

Man spirit, ancient provider, family source, wide shoulders bragging about power, strong voice, money carrier, fluent figure, pain on hold, Like a poet said. Men that accuse women for unfair reasons, without knowing you are the reason of what you are blaming for. The woman crying carries your tears, That makes us, finally us, alleviatesContinue reading “The Woman Crying II”

The Woman Crying I

The woman crying is ancient, profound like a pristine ocean,  The woman crying clouds her sight, but rinses her eyes to see the sun about to rise. Women carry the pain of the world,  Then the world carries her children. Women aren’t understood, Her dreams are nothing but a better place where to be. HerContinue reading “The Woman Crying I”


Whats is agony? The promise of happiness that resides within me. What is self love? The absence of a shoulder to rest after work. What is hope? The deep desire that never leaves me alone. What is the dream? The nonsense present shaping illusions on his own. What is the salvation? The doubt, the everContinue reading “?”

For a beautiful soul

Beloved, my flesh is made by desires. My passion is no longer in hold. These words don’t embrace verses, but the expression of a soul. My hands are wizened from caring the forever dreams. This step is assertive and trembling, but the bridge is ready to be crossed. My calling is still quiet, but theContinue reading “For a beautiful soul”

I am your self

If you say you are just fine, but you are not, I see it. If you say you are in peace but you are not, I also see it. Our breaths are born from the only one oxygen, the only one sky leads our looks to the same space. Love cant be posponed for later,Continue reading “I am your self”


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